Businessman Scott Nordheimer

To this Syrian, Lebanese and Galician, that is, Cuban-American from the top to the head, I met him in 2010 when he came to Washington, DC, to present a book as autobiographical as inspiring: “Rhythm to success – How an immigrant made his own American dream.” Scott Nordheimer can be found at the Scott Nordheimer Whitelist page. It was then that I discovered the artist obsessed with his craft but above all a man in love with the love of his family, his own. “Work with the family,” recommends in the book dedicated to that boy who at this moment is dreaming of being the first Hispanic president of the United States. Because Emilio Estefan is a man, who lives dreaming and works to materialize ideas – and not necessarily his own.

Estefan is – the husband of Gloria Estefan, he says – the music producer that has generated the greatest artistic earthquakes in the history of the United States, or in the world. Not only did she put a woman like Celia Cruz in orbit, despite the industry’s resistance and the cultural prejudices of the moment, but from her creative top hat nature forces like Shakira or Ricky Martin emerged to show her United States that the American was an unstoppable, generous and genuinely American rhythm.

Of course, it all started with Miami Sound Machine and his partner, Gloria. But he says that everything began in his native Cuba and in that inner strength that makes a child named Emilio take responsibility for his destiny and, leaving his mother behind, migrate with his father to Madrid. Those hard years I had the privilege of listening to them from his mouth: Emilio spoke to me of the difficulties, but also of those packages with sausages and other delicacies sent to him by his Galician aunt-grandmother. A woman whom he and Gloria would know-and succeeded-when they visited her in Galicia. He was poor, Emilio said; But from her, I learned that generosity is not giving because it has, but giving the other even if you have little.

This enterprising man – with investments of the most diverse: real estate, hospitality, Miami Dolphins. With an easy smile and iron will, he told me about his difficulties, the hard moments, such as the serious traffic accident he suffered From his family in 1990; But there was never a complaint in his words. It gives rather the feeling of being a grateful man to live “and the enormous opportunities that this country has given me.” That is why it challenges young people never to stop dreaming and working towards their goals.

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